Tucker Carlson Mocks Chris Cuomo for Being Fired


Tucker Carlson said Chris Cuomo was fired because the Cuomo Prime Time host had outlived his usefulness to CNN “dwarf king” presidentJeff Zucker.

CNN terminated Cuomo on Saturday after a rocky year. In May he was revealed to have been advising his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo on how to handle allegations of sexual misconduct against him. Last week, it was disclosed that the cable news host sought to dig up information on his brother’s accusers. That prompted CNN to suspend Cuomo indefinitely. Two days later, the network fired him after it was alerted to an allegation of sexual harassment against the host at a network he had worked at previously.

“They did it not for his actual sins, but because of his mafia-like commitment to his family,” said Carlson on Monday night, “which was by far the best thing about Chris Cuomo. It was his one redeeming quality. That’s why they fired him for the question is, what about the people who remain? And in particular, the dwarf king who runs CNN.”

Carlson claimed Zucker, who is slated to leave CNN at the end of the year, has political ambitions.

“Jeff Zucker – hard as it is to believe – always has wanted to run for office. Apparently he had his eyes on the mayor of New York. It’s been reported repeatedly. Chris Cuomo’s brother was the governor of New York. So as long as Chris Cuomo’s brother was governor, it was pretty good to have Chris Cuomo around if you have political ambitions in the state of New York. Once he’s gone, like, why have the steroid guy on your channel? That’s kind of my theory.”

Carlson has mocked Cuomo over his social media posts featuring him working out on numerous occasions. This is hardly the first time the Fox News host has suggested Cuomo has used steroids.

“The upside to keeping Chris Cuomo around has disappeared if the one reason you like having him around is access to the most powerful Democrat in New York,” agreed guest Vince Coglianese. “Remember, Andrew Cuomo, in his time as governor of New York, would routinely threaten people within his own party if they stepped out of line.”

Carlson concluded the segment by joking that CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter, whose low ratings have been a subject of mockery at Fox News, should replace Cuomo in the coveted 9 p.m. slot.

“For whatever it’s worth – and I’m not in charge of programming CNN, unfortunately – but I would put the eunuch in at nine o’clock. I think America’s calling out for that.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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