Kayleigh is Back Complaining About Jen Psaki Again, Says the Media Was So Much Meaner to Her


Well, now that Kayleigh McEnany has her book out, we’re seeing a lot more of her, some of it coming from Kayleigh herself who, unbelievably, filmed herself at the grocery store just last week, speaking to… whoever might buy her book, about looking back at her stories and how some of it was so difficult, about how her faith got her through it, and, amazingly, saying that they had some fun, as 400,000 people died while Kayleigh was spokesperson, and – oh yes, that point when Kayleigh was crying through January 6th (or 7th) when she had to address the media about the most violent incident against democracy that we’ve seen in 150 years.

So Kayleigh did the big one this morning, Fox and Friends, probably one of the biggest possible audiences for her book and she absolutely gave them what they wanted to hear. The media was harder on her than they are on Jen Psaki.

That actually may be true. Kayleigh just doesn’t get into why it might be, that she might have played a significant role in why they were so “hard” on her. Just as one example, Kayleigh used to specialize in giving the media lectures on what they should be covering versus what they were covering and asking about. She also was infamous for making some ridiculous statement, usually, something insulting the media or Democrats (but primarily the media), then slamming her notebook and walking out on them. Last, she also enjoyed showing videos that amounted to campaign videos more than anything informative.

Perhaps Kayleigh told the truth for once, just leaving a lot of important stuff out? Wow, we didn’t even need to mention the number of lies she told and the cavalier attitude the administration took while dealing with COVID.


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