‘Turns Out, Parents Care More About Their Kids Than Bureaucrats and Government’ Jim Jordan Responds As 17 States Reportedly Have Disassociated With the National School Board Association


It was reported today that the National School Boards Association (NSBA) is facing a possible seven-figure funding shortfall after 17 state boards associations voted to cut ties with the national group over the last month.

U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) responded to the news in a tweet where he declared, “Turns out, parents care more about their kids than bureaucrats and government.”

“At least 17 states have disassociated themselves from the National School Boards Association since Attorney General Garland issued his baseless school boards memo,” Jordan added.

Axios originally reported that the withdrawn state associations accounted for 42% of the $2.6 million the NSBA received in dues payments in 2019 and without the membership dues that the NSBA commands from its affiliated state associations, the national organization is facing a seven-figure shortfall from its usual income levels. 

A spokesperson for the NSBA told Axios, however that its reporting of the organization’s 2019 finances does “not reflect the complete or current state of affairs for NSBA” and that the group “continues to have the resources we need to be effective on behalf of our members.”

Jordan has been relentlessly attempting to hold Garland responsible for the memo, which stemmed from a letter sent by the NSBA that they have since apologized for.

The House Judiciary GOP Twitter account, which he is the ranking member of, has been tweeting out a daily count of how many days it has been since Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has failed to hold Garland “accountable” for the memo.

In mid-November, Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland after an FBI whistleblower outted the Department of Justice for using counterterrorism tools against parents in response to the memo.

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