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We’ve written extensively here about PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and how she crossed the line from merely being a supposedly objective news reporter to being an outright Democratic moutpiece a long time ago.

For instance, she’s referred to disgraced 1619 Project founder and “woke” leftist Nikole Hannah-Jones as a “national treasure,” saying we “should call ourselves blessed and lucky to have her writing during our lifetime.” During the Trump administration years, she was repeatedly caught altering the former president’s quotes to make it sound like he said something he didn’t.

Last year, she often gaslit about the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led riots by portraying aggressive agitators as simply “everyday Americans demanding change.” She once even tried to give a “woke” lecture to Trump’s surgeon general Jerome Adams (who is black) about using terms that he said were commonly used in the black community. Over the years, she’s also been fond of using the notorious “some say” (read: “reporters say”) media tactic to advance a left-wing agenda.

I could go on and on, but the above highlight (lowlight) reel is sufficient for the purposes of responding to news reports about Alcindor’s next move in the journalism world.

Variety.com reported earlier today that effective March 2021, Alcindor would be moving on from her role covering the White House for the PBS NewsHour program to working for NBC News in a similar role:

Alcindor, who is expected to start with NBC in March, will cover the Biden administration as well as the impact of federal policies on communities across the country and issues at the intersection of race, culture and politics, according to a memo from Ken Strickland, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief. She is expected to continue to work as the moderator of PBS” ‘Washington Week,” but will give up her duties at the public broadcaster’s flagship news program, “PBS NewsHour,” where she has been the program’s White House correspondent.

Alcindor is no stranger to NBC News viewers. She has been making appearances on MSNBC since 2013, and was named a political contributor to NBC News and MSNBC in 2016.

Who was among the first to congratulate Alcindor? Hannah-Jones.

“So proud of my sis ⁦Yamiche,” she tweeted. “She is exactly the type of political reporter who is needed in these perilous times.”

MSNBC weekend host Tiffany Cross, a Joy Reid in training, welcomed Alcindor into the fold in a photo tweet:

Birds of a feather and all that.

Relatedly (or perhaps even not-so-coincidentally) PBS tweeted out this cutesy video of Alcindor talking about the “five things” people should know about her:

What was left out? The fact that she’s not a journalist. She’s a progressive activist with a loud media megaphone who rather than routinely being called out for blatantly showing her bias during White House press briefings gets praised for it by her colleagues in the press.

Then again, come to think of it, it would appear that being an activist is part of the job requirement to work at most mainstream media news outlets these days, so maybe her defenders do have some sort of point – at least in their narrow minds, anyway.

In any event, the good news is that by going to NBC News, the American taxpayer won’t be on the hook for Alcindor’s salary much anymore beyond her “moderating” stint. The bad news is that NBC News has just added another opinionated leftist masquerading as a “straight news” journalist to their staff (alongside Chuck Todd, Katy Tur, and others). I’m trying to see the silver linings here, but am hard-pressed to think of any at the moment.

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