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Chris Christie Goes OFF on Mark Meadows for Not Revealing Trump Had COVID: Believes Trump Infected Him


Chris Christie spent a week in intensive care battling COVID. Now he thinks he knows where he got it. From Donald Trump.

Mark Meadows revealed in his book that Trump tested positive three days prior to the first debate with President Biden. Chris Christie was known to have helped Trump prepare for debates and was at the Rose Garden ceremony for the introduction of Amy Coney-Barrett as the new SCOTUS nominee. According to the Washington Post:

The Rose Garden ceremony would later become known as an apparent superspreader event, with more than a half dozen attendees testing positive for the coronavirus within the week — including Trump, his wife, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, Notre Dame President John Jenkins, and Republican Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Thom Tillis (N.C.).

And now Christie says that he absolutely believes that it was Trump that infected him with COVID

Chris Christie says it’s “inexcusable” Mark Meadows didn’t reveal President Trump’s positive COVID test during debate prep and “saved it for a book.” So does Christie, who spent a week in intensive care with the virus, believe Trump infected him? “I think it’s undeniable.”

This site has opined that Chris Christie is the only non-MAGA with a legitimate shot at the GOP nomination if Trump decides not to run. Every other candidate would try to do so under Trump’s name. Now it would seem as though Chris Christie has an extra deep and personal reason for his animus with Trump.

It was Trump’s vanity and selfishness that almost surely put Chris Christie into the intensive care unit, nearly costing him his life.


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