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Gloria Borger Slams David Perdue On GA Election Fraud Claim


CNN’s chief political analyst, Gloria Borger, called out former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) for his recent comment that he would not have certified the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Borger highlighted the fact that Perdue was also on the ballot in 2020 in the state of Georgia and had he truly felt the election was fraudulent did not need to accept the results for his own election either.

“Look, he’s just jumping on the Trump train here,” argued Borger. “He’s trying to win a primary against someone he once liked, the governor, Kemp, whom Trump hates because he certified the election there.”

Earlier in the week, Perdue announced he would challenge Georgia’s sitting Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, in the GOP primary — a move quickly backed by former President Donald Trump, who reportedly recruited Perdue to run.

“Now, don’t forget Perdue ran for the senate seat. He lost, and by the way, he conceded,” continued Borger. “So if he thought this was so important at the time, why did he concede?”

“If he thought it could have been a rigged election? Why didn’t he hang on? The way Donald Trump still believes he’s hanging on. You know?” she added. “So Perdue is, you know, playing this primary game that he really wants to win and he feels he needs Donald Trump with him.”

The CNN discussion continued with an acknowledgment that Perdue was once considered a fairly mainstream Republican, more toward the center of his party. Borger then commented on the irony of Perdue’s realignment toward the Trump base: “Can we just say Donald Trump is the one who lost him his seat?”

Instead, Perdue has blamed Kemp for him losing his Senate seat in his announcement video.

“Now he’s lined up behind the former president. Go figure,” Borger concluded.

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