Matt Gaetz Says He Wants to Oversee the FBI and DOJ if Trump Wins in 2024


Steven Bannon and Matt Gaetz know that there is no conceivable way they can convert the United States government into the dictatorship that they want and the imperial presidency that they want, without a wholesale change in every single significant position in the federal government, the type of people who work for whoever is president to help their country, people like the Vindmans. People like the Vindmans make up the “Deep state” that Bannon hates. Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz knows who he wants to lord over… the people who might arrest him any day now.

Bannon and Gaetz agree that they don’t want any of those “types” if Trump wins the presidency again and promised to bring “4,000 shock troops” into government starting January 20th, 2025. Gaetz first said:

“People didn’t like that Donald Trump raised his voice but sometimes you’ve got to raise your voice to raise a ruckus and to raise an army of patriots who love this country and will fight for her,” Gaetz said on Bannon’s War Room program. “We’re going to operationalize the performance to go right after the people who are imposing the vaccine mandates, who are enriching themselves and who are selling out the country.”

But they were just getting warmed up. Bannon knew what it would take:

“Understand, this is a theory of governing,” Bannon agreed. “It’s fresh and it’s new. This is Trumpism in power. That’s when we went to the 4,000 shock troops we have to have that’s going to man the government. Get them ready now. Right? We’re going to hit the beach with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and all that nomenclature they use when President Trump wins in 2024 — or before.”

It is not “new,” it is called populism and/or fascism and it’s one of the oldest forms of government on Earth. Bannon knows that the nomenclature even needs to change. He truly is fighting a war, already, one for fascism (Trumpism) versus democracy.

“You’re going to have those as the 4,000 political appointees,” he continued. “No more powderpuff derby. This is going to be hardcore accountability at every committee [in Congress].”

Gaetz definitely agreed with accountability (strangely):

“And we’re going to go after this administrative state and we’re going to start at the Department of Justice and the FBI. That’s the job I want. You know, send me over to the Judiciary Committee and their sphincters will tighten because they have been doing a lot of corrupt things over there.

“I don’t need a new committee, I just need a gavel.

Interesting that Gaetz’s first concern is the FBI and DOJ, and making them squirm, is it not? If he had a gavel, he could use it to defund any portion of those departments he’d like.


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