Movie Review Don’t Look Up


I love every bad  review of this film.   I loved the film.

Why — because I watched it with someone who is having a very hard time facing the truth of climate change.  They are not a denier, but they can’t look into that abyss, they cannot engage too deeply because that acceptance will rip them apart.  And this film made them start thinking about inevitable irreversible abrupt climate change.

The plot and theme are going to be trashed and raved about in the press.  I love how much this film is getting bad reviews.  I hope it skyrockets in views, I hope it passes the Mandalorian in popularity, i hope all the bad press is good press.

Don’t look up is one of the more intentional films I’ve seen in a long time.   I think that the cast and McKay pulled all the stops out to grab us and make us more human.

It is gloriously stupid, it is genius, it takes all the popculture stupidity candy and adds more sugar and preservatives.  It can be painful to watch in moments of celebrity dumb down pop culture reification vomit.   It can be obnoxiously obvious.  There are moments for everyone to feel like fingers on a chalk board.

And this is why it is a must see.  Because it is a wakeup call cast out to the wasteland.  It is a reminder that we have passed the tipping points.  the mirror is up, and we have blown it, and we are fat rude nasty self absorbed assholes, and we are beautiful despite it, and reaching for love is worth it.

The tempo is spot on, and it drives ever forward with all the predictable movement of a bubble gum film mocking itself, you, and who we are all the way.

The film is meant to be a stupid comedy that gets horrible reviews because it is and it isn’t all of those things.  Sometimes the fool is such an obvious device in telling of the tale and necessary to get a the truth.  McKay and these amazing characters and phenomenal performances make you question who you are in this madhouse we have created.  So it is no surprise to me that the Wall Street Journal ripped it to shreds as did rolling stone.  Show me a bad review and I’ll show you a review who may not be able to look into this mirror.



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