Rep. Swalwell Asks Why the Federal Gov. Has Not Found the Pipe Bomber — Do They Not Want Us to Know Who it Is?


The FBI and NSA have resources available to them that we cannot believe, like – almost literally if we saw what they had, and are able to do, we would have a hard time believing it. They are that good.

There was a time in this country when kidnapping children for money was a serious problem, something wealthy parents worried about, a lot.

It is no longer a problem that people worry about. We aren’t saying it never happens. We’re saying it’s not a problem on people’s minds. The reason is that the FBI is so good at catching whomever it is that there is no way for a criminal to “win.”

Phones have changed everything, too. Though, we’d certainly have every reason to believe that whoever planted the bombs near the RNC and DNC didn’t have a phone on them. But isn’t it odd how the FBI has been able to find random people from around the country, hundreds to thousands of them, who were at the protest, after the fact, and yet haven’t been able to capture the person on video planting the bombs?

There are other problems with the January 6th investigation that we’ve been over and over, namely the fact that the Select Committee hasn’t seemed to have much problem finding evidence of crimes fairly quickly by subpoenaing witnesses, and yet the FBI, with all those resources, has not. (Garland’s press conference did not impress any of us at this site today. Yes, in a drug kingpin case you start with the small guy. In a case that threatens your very democracy and you have evidence in front of your face, incitement, tweets, etc. you can start higher up than the person who ran through the halls of Congress).

So Eric Swalwell chose to remind people that it is odd that we haven’t “caught” the person with the pipe bombs and one person had an answer that rang very true with us:

One person answered that there are only two possibilities: It is a person that the FBI doesn’t want to arrest. Or, there is a pipe bomber still walking the nation anonymously. The second is almost harder to believe than the first.

We are putting this next video up ONLY to report that a lot of people posted this video and had the exact same answer. We are not at all stating that we believe Marj is the one who planted them. Nor are we saying she is a suspect. We are reporting that Swalwell asked the question and dozens of people posted various answers involving Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

And we will also post this because we always post this so that people do not forget that without regard to the bombs, Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was involved in planning January 6th.


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