Former Trump Attorney Has Been Striped of Privileges to Provide Legal Counsel


Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood was blasted by a Delaware Superior Court in a Monday decision who revoked Wood’s right to provide legal counsel for Carter Page, the former Trump aide, in a defamation case that came from the Mueller investigation.

“The conduct of Mr. Wood, albeit not in my jurisdiction, exhibited a toxic stew of mendacity, prevarication and surprising incompetence,” Judge Craig Karsnitz stated.

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Karsnitz noted that as per his own job duties, he had to “ensure that those practicing before me are of sufficient character, and conduct themselves with sufficient civility and truthfulness,” and that he had to use particular discernment when it involves counsels from out of the state. Wood’s practices is based in Georgia and therefore is subject to such discernment.

Judge Karsnitz said he became concerned after reviewing specific decisions made in lawsuits Wood filed in Georgia and Wisconsin courts pertaining to the Trump campaign’s fledgling efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

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He said that the Georgia case “textbook frivolous litigation,” and included within it “an error-ridden affidavit,” while asserting that his Wisconsin case “would not survive a law school civil procedure class.”

Karsnitz wrote: “What has been shown in Court decisions of our sister States satisfies me that it would be inappropriate and inadvisable to continue Mr. Wood’s permission to practice before this court. I acknowledge that I preside over a small part of the legal world in a small state. However, we take pride in our bar.”

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He continued his criticism, saying, “Prior to the pandemic, I watched daily counsel practice before me in a civil, ethical way to tirelessly advance the interests of their clients… It would dishonor them were I to allow this pro hac vice order to stand.”

And Karsnitz was not about to let the event go without acknowledging Wood’s tweets, pointing to one in particular which actually called for the arrest and execution of Vice President Mike Pence. He noted another tweet Wood had made against Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and called it “too disgusting and outrageous to repeat. ” Karsnitz also blamed those tweets as helping to incite the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol.

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The did say that while he was “not here to litigate if Mr. Wood was ultimately the source of incitement,” he had “no doubt these tweets, and many other things, incited these riots.”

Three weeks ago Karnitz had demanded that Wood give ample reason as to why his involvement with the Trump campaign’s recent lawsuits shouldn’t disqualify him from representing Page, who is accusing Yahoo! of publishing “false accusations” about him. Page said that Yahoo! “maliciously” wrote that he was “secretly plotting with Russian leaders to sabotage the 2016 presidential election.”

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Page served as a foreign policy adviser to President Trump during his first presidential campaign in 2016 and while he has been the subject of a DOJ investigation, he has not been charged in connection to election interference.

Wood responded to Karsnitz’s order by saying that none of the noted conduct had occurred in his court.

Karsnitz slammed that response as not helpful regarding the issue of the appropriateness and advisability” and put Wood directly in his place by not allowing him to represent Page in the case.

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