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Hulk Hogan Makes Baseless and Crazy Claim That Betty White and Sidney Poitier Were Killed by Vaccines


So, wrestling hall of fame dude Hulk Hogan made a really weird, evidence-free claim that beloved actress Betty White and equally beloved actor Sidney Poitier passed away because of the COVID-19 vaccine. The situation apparently began when comedian Josh Pray posted a video about the passing of another beloved actor and comedian, Full House’s Bob Saget who died unexpectedly last Sunday.

In the comments under the video, one person wondered if Saget’s death was due to the vaccine, Indy 100 reported.

“Wellll many directions we can go with this, but I will take jab for $500, Alex,” that commenter wrote.

Mr. Hulkamania apparently wanted to add his thoughts to that comment, in a response that has since been deleted. But this being the age of social media it’s been preserved for posterity.

Kayfabe couldn’t help but have a laugh over it on Twitter.

“Sometimes they just satirize themselves…”

“Hulk Hogan seems to suggest that Betty White, age 99, died because she was vaccinated.”

“Hogan has also suggested, repeatedly with training, vitamins and prayer.”

“Just saying.”

Well, as you might expect folks on Twitter and Facebook had all kinds of thoughts on Hogan’s anti-vaxxer thoughts.

“Did not have Hulk Hogan on my anti-vax bingo card, but here we are claiming 95 & 99-year-olds died because of it. Honestly, any year aftet 75, I consider bonus rounds so srsly wtf?” one person wrote.

Then there was this comment:

“Hulk Hogan: What were the causes of death in this 94-year-old man and 99-year-old woman? Clearly vaccines! There can be no other explanation!”

Another person commented:

“Macho Man was better. It’s disgusting how these people just use people’s death as part of theit warped world view.”

White passed away at 99 on December 31 at 9:30 a.m. She would have turned 100 on January 17.

Poitier passed away at 94 on January 6 in his home. The cause of his death has not been revealed as yet.

Bob Saget passed away at 65 in his Florida hotel room Sunday. The cause of his death remains undetermined.

Below you’ll find the clip of Pray showing downright sadness at Saget’s death.

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