TikTok Influencer Dead After Lover Strangled Him Over Video Game


Docquen Jovo Watkins & Rory Teasley / Twitter

*Fans of TikTok influencer Rory Teasley are mourning his death after his boyfriend of 10 years allegedly strangled him during a fight over a video game. 

According to Michigan’s Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, the killing occurred last Thursday at an apartment in Pontiac, a northern suburb of metro Detroit, People reports. Officers responded to the scene after Docquen Jovo Watkins called 911 to report the altercation between him and the victim. Their fight was over video games, and Watkins noted during the call that Teasley was now “sleeping” on the couch.

Authorities discovered Teasley, 28, unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead by medics.

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Days before his death, the last video Teasley posted on TikTok was captioned, “Getting Old A MF,” and it has garnered thousands of comments from fans and followers. 

Watkins, 31, has been charged with homicide and is being held without bond. His next court appearance is set for Jan. 18.

“We see far too often across the country these days when people resort to violence over trivial and insignificant disagreements,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. “There is never a reason where violence is acceptable over a disagreement. Those that do so will be held accountable.”

As reported by the New York Post, Teasley’s TikTok fans are devastated over his death.

“Rip really hurt the city off this one you will be missed such a beautiful soul,” said one commenter on social media, while another wrote, “It’s sad you didn’t even get to make it to 30… we love u rory.”

One fan said, “The whole city is hurt but best believe justice will be served!!!! We luv you baby rest in power.”

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