Kevin McCarthy Belongs in a ‘Locked Basement’


Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt opined that “villainous” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) needs to be locked up in a “basement” until he agrees to testify before the House elected committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Schmidt appeared on Friday’s Deadline: White House with host Nicolle Wallace to discuss McCarthy’s decision not to speak with his House colleagues about his conversations with former President Donald Trump before and during the riot.

Wallace asked Schmidt about what McCarthy knows about Jan. 6, and the former GOP strategist went on the attack.

Schmidt said:

Kevin McCarthy has become — this is an extraordinary thing for me say personally, because I met Kevin McCarthy before he was a member of congress, when he was the minority leader in the California legislature. As you know, Nicolle, Sacramento is a small town. And what Kevin McCarthy has become is this villainous figure that is among the most villainous figures that have been in the history of the American republic.

Schmidt then described McCarthy as a politically inept and shortsighted lawmaker whose decisions are never calculated.

“He’s not thinking about the ramifications for the next conversation, based on what he’s saying in the current, or in the last,” Schmidt said. “He’s just trying to survive. He’s trying to survive in the moment. So in that moment, Kevin Mccarthy was reading the situation.

“He understood how egregious this was. And in the end, before he gets down to Mar-a-Lago, which was fundamentally about securing the financing pipeline for the House Republicans in the 2020 midterms. That’s what that meeting was substantially about. We have Kevin McCarthy at the center of this.”

Schmidt concluded he feels McCarthy should be locked up until he addresses the Jan. 6 committee.

Schmidt said:

He’s always been at the center of it. He continues to be at the center of it. And the House should use every power that it has at its discretion, including an inherent contempt power that could see the sergeant of arms handcuff and detain Kevin McCarthy in a locked basement office until he wishes to testify

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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