Ted Koppel Calls Out CNN Trump Coverage, Empty Tarmac Shots


Journalism legend Ted Koppel called out cable news’ over-coverage of former President Donald Trump, singling out CNN for literally airing “live video of an empty tarmac.”

Dan Abrams, who is the founder of Mediate, interviewed the former Nightline host on Friday night’s edition of NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live on a variety of media-related topics.

Mr. Abrams asked Mr. Koppel to weigh in on the current blanket coverage of the Jan. 6 commission, and Koppel expanded the conversation to include Trump-era coverage. He called out all three cable news networks, but single out CNN:

MR. ABRAMS: I have said that I think that there is too much cable news coverage of the commission’s every breath on CNN and MSNBC and that I believe that you can care enormously about what happened on January 6th. You can look forward to the outcome of the commission’s report and also be critical of how much coverage some, and particularly in the left-leaning media, are giving of the commission. Do you agree with me?

MR. KOPPEL: Well, to a certain degree, I mean, the fact of the matter is that the television news, whether it was broadcast news or cable news or ultimately what is seen on the internet is all governed to one degree or another by the amount of money that it makes for the people who are putting it out there. And what the folks on cable news have discovered was, so Donald Trump was very, very good for the business of television, and in fact cable outlets like CNN and MSNBC and Fox discovered that all they had to do was…

In the early days of the campaign, for example, there were times when CNN would quite literally, for 15 or 20 minutes, have live video of an empty tarmac because they were awaiting the arrival of Donald Trump’s plane.

Did they know what he was going to say? Did they have any sense that what he was going to say was going to make news? Absolutely not. But they did do know with the promise of Donald Trump on their air was going to hold viewers to that channel, to CNN, to MSNBC and in fact that continues to one degree or another to this day.

But when Abrams asked “Do you equate Fox with CNN and MSNBC in that regard?”, Koppel wouldn’t quite go that far.

“No, I think I think Fox is far more unabashedly partisan, certainly than CNN,” Koppel said, but went on to add that “you know, to a certain degree, is MSNBC partisan? Of course, they are.”

Watch above via NewsNation.

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