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Andrew Giuliani Got Clocked in the Face With a Flower Pot While Trying to Stop a Fight in NYC


The crime rate in New York City is steadily increasing, as Andrew Giuliani recently found this out the hard way on his way to a meeting. Giuliani, a Republican candidate who is currently running for governor, attempted to break up a fight near Penn Station only to be hit smack dab in the face with a plastic flower pot.

Andrew did an interview with The Post where he explained the situation, saying that on Saturday he was walking down 28th Street to a meeting with Gavin Wax, the president of New York Young Republicans, when he passed by a male and female who were having a violent altercation. “I got between the two of them,” he told The Post.

According to the gubernatorial candidate, the woman shouted “you leave me no money b*tch” and then the man tried to hit her. After getting between them, Giuliani called the authorities, who arrived about 15 minutes later. The NYPD gave their statement on the situation: “There are no arrests at this time.”

Those who currently live in the city say that the increase in crime has been bad enough to have a serious and noticeable impact on daily life. The owner of the flower shop Caribbean Cuts Flowers & Foliage, Thomas Wiesse, agreed, saying, “It’s deteriorated.” The florist also noted that it has become commonplace to see people taking heroin openly on his street.

The current mayor of New York, Mayor Adams, has stated that he is attempting to rein in the crime rates. While some candidates, such as Manhattan’s current DA, are passing laws the reduce prosecution rates for minor crimes, Mayor Adams agrees with Weisse’s assessment that, “You don’t have to be a wizard to realize that if you don’t prosecute crime and you have no bail that criminals are going to be out and active.”

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