QAnon Extremists Given VIP and Front-Row Tickets to Trump’s Arizona Rally


Years ago, if Trump decided to have a rally in Arizona, the Republican governor would be there, every single GOP representative would have been there (We know Gosar was there, not sure about others), every significant mayor would have VIP seats, every state representative, and the fifty biggest donors to the campaign would have the most “Very Important Person” seats.

Boy, those were the days. The fact that this rally, the one “ushering in the 2022 campaign season” had VIP seats filled with the craziest of the Qanon crazies is not just of passing interest. It is highly meaningful, indicative of this movement that can seem so powerful. According to Rolling Stone:

Michael Protzman is a QAnon influencer who peddles a form of religious numerology known as “gematria,” which he infuses into his interpretations of QAnon theories. Protzman uses gematria to promote the idea that he is in direct contact with both the Kennedy family — which he believes are direct descendants of Jesus Christ — and members of the Trump inner circle.

His group also trafficks in a wide range of outlandish conspiracy beliefs such as that long dead famous people such as Michael Jackson and JFK Jr. faked their deaths and are working with Donald Trump in secret to take down a global satanic pedophile cabal.

In Arizona, Protzman and his group appeared to be welcomed warmly. The Protzmanians secured seats in what appeared to be a cordoned off section close to the stage. They were joined by a motley cast of other QAnon adherents including Jim Watkins, the owner of the 8kun forum where QAnon started, and his son Ron Watkins, who also goes by CodeMonkeyZ and is running for Congress in Arizona.

Now that is insane and representative of the type of people following Trump. There are two takeaways, one gratifying, one horrifying.

First, interest and devotion to Trump, have waned to the only the craziest of the crazies.

Second, those are the exact type of people that are most fanatical and most dangerous if there is a conflict.


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