Trump Once Again Struggles to Get Words and Terms Correct During Arizona Rally, ‘Supply Change’


For the last month, this site – which actually does have an economist that owns it and knows what the fck she’s talking about – has been discussing the fact that yes, inflation is a big problem right now. But inflation is exactly what one expects when there are not enough workers to move goods around the world, never mind making them, which is almost always another country’s problem.

It is called the “supply chain” and it involves all those things we never ever think about it. Once a phone is made, (they are all made in China because companies love to get rich), the phone is put in its box, which then goes in a bigger box. From there it goes on a truck, someone must drive the truck. From the truck, it probably goes on another truck or train, which requires drivers and loaders. From there, a phone in a box is probably going to go by plane, which doesn’t just need someone to fly it, but to load it, maintain it, and then unload it when it lands. The process is then reversed in getting the phone to the store or your house.

Each step, for now, takes a person to move the product along. (In our grandchildren’s generation, they’ll wonder how people ever got it done). This is called the “supply chain” and it cannot work when one out of every 8-10 people are sick and one in five is taking care of someone sick because the system depends on efficient timing and no surprises, ever. When goods back up all over the place, they get more expensive because there is a shortage and it costs more to get stuff everywhere.

It is called the “supply chain.” A person who never went to college, but paid attention in school and reads some nowadays could have explained all of the above. But our former president – the businessman, could not.

He talked about the fact that there are problems in the “supply changed,” and that when he was president, they never talked about the supply changed.” Even if Trump was using the right word in “supply changed,” we guarantee that his administration talked about it. Remember the lack of masks and PPE? Remember the Governor of Maryland secretly (so Trump’s feds didn’t take them over) leased a South Korean 777 to fly COVID tests to his state? The supply of medical goods changed!

But the fact that this president doesn’t know what a supply “chain” is, and why 103 tankers parked outside of Long Beach harbor causes prices to go up, just goes to show why nothing went right under the last administration. Joe Biden can distribute a cure, but not force people to take it. Inflation is not his fault.

And just for style points, Trump stuck the landing by complaining about Tiffany’s (Tiffany & Co.), not Tiffany – your college girlfriend’s place, but Tiffany’s the store, not having its supply. Americans worry when Target doesn’t have supplies, not Tiffany & C9. (Trump kept saying “Tiffany’s). Stupid ffff.

And we would have reported Trump’s idiocy last night had we not been so busy reporting all the other just bizarre sh*t happening at a rally “chain” that should run itself by now:

F’ing idiot.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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