Twitter in White Hot Fury About Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s Awful One Sentence MLK, Jr. Tweet


We read a lot of tweet threads. We’ve very seldom read one filled with this much fury. And just to set the mood, we’re going to stick this one right here and then move on to Sinema’s and the responses, just read the bottom one with MLK’s quote:

It must be hard to say something nice on a national holiday dedicated to a man who died, a martyr, attempting to do away with the Jim Crow laws that you are keeping in place for no better reason than “just because” (seemingly). We know, we know, Sen. Sinema justifies it with something about the filibuster (which they don’t even need to change to pass this vote), Sinema hasn’t even been a Senator a full term and yet she understands the importance of the filibuster and its place in the Senate as an institution.

Given that Sinema is one of two votes standing between democracy and Jim Crowe Part III “Works Every Time,” people waited with bated breath over what hypocritical tweet she might put out today, praising Martin Luther King. Fck, no one was ready, No. One.

She is just trolling us now:

Beautiful. She must have been up all night putting that together. Why didn’t she just use the “F-You!” Emoji, or post “Let’s Go Brandon”? It would have been more honest. Jesus, Ron DeSantis put more energy into his MLK quote and, even though his message was self-serving and entirely wrong, was still more heartfelt than that from Sinema.

We suspect you can imagine what happened next. Twitter – which hates Sinema already, had a core meltdown, with liquid plutonium melting its way down through the earth:

Given that the filibuster was devised as a means of keeping civil rights legislation from passing, it’s not hard to envision what King has to say about the filibuster.

Can’t use the word we’d like to right now.


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