US Supremes to Bring Back Faculty-led Prayer in Public Schools


Ladies and Gentlemen.  Fellow Liberals.  We need branding, cause our democracy is slipping away before our eyes.

Faculty-led prayer in schools

Today, the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of a high school football coach who prays at the 50-yard line.  He prays in school.  He leads the team in locker room prayer.  He leads the team in post-game prayer.  Information about this case describes the coach as intertwining prayer into his remarks, even as part of his school-related activities, every chance he gets.

Sounds to me that this becomes mandatory for students to join in or be left out.  

Pray all you want — at home.  With family.  At church.  IN PRIVATE!!!  Seeking god is a private activity, not one imposed by schools or judges or coaches.

From the comments — Yes — the case needs to be read with care.  Faculty and students are already permitted to pray in public schools but in ways that respect the balance of the establishment and free exercise clauses.  That is, generally, the prayer is to be voluntary.  The key danger here is that it the coach is leading faculty-led activities with an implicit demand that others participate.  The fear is that the court will go from an “opt-in” or voluntary participation to an “opt-out” system that puts the onus on those who don’t want to participate.  

Yet here we are.  They WILL overturn Roe.  They have stripped away almost all of the 1960s voting protections.  They will go after Griswold next.  

In a word, I’m scared and pessimistic.  This fall’s election promises to be a blowout.  It can’t happen here?  It is happening here.  

Liberals — we need to fight back and we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves.  

SOME SOLUTIONS from the chat below:

  • If the Court favors the coach, they are taking away PARENTS rights to teach and raise their kids in their own religion.  The coach shouldn’t have this right over the parents.
  • Lots of suggestions for people of various religions encouraging or engaging in similar religion-based behavior in public schools or suggesting that they will do so at school board meetings.  (By comparison — take a BLM knee?)
  • Liberals are tired of blaming each other and negativity.  
  • We need actionable solutions — but we need to work together.  It is the only way we survive.  The only way we have a chance (Thank you, Maximus).

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