Donald Trump Is Really Unhappy With Mitch McConnell Over January 6th Blame


It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have clashed, often openly. However, in his latest attack on the Senate Minority Leader, the former President let slip something that seems to particularly upset him: after the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building last year, McConnell didn’t shy away from stating clearly how serious the situation was, and just who was to blame.

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Check out the clip below. Trump, with Newsmax providing a platform for his grievances, is laying out his loyalties. He refers to “Kevin” — Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Party leader in the House of Representatives, and indicates he’s alright with McCarthy, who has been fighting to limit the impact of the January 6th Committee. Then he moves on to McConnell, taking credit for McConnell’s election. (Trump’s endorsement is coveted among Republicans, certainly, but McConnell has been in the Senate since 1985.) There’s a blink-and-might-miss-it moment there, though, when Trump’s current complaint comes out.

Emphasis is added in the following partial transcript:

“I’m not a fan of McConnell. I haven’t been. I helped him get elected. Without me, he would have lost his race. And then he goes and makes stupid statements after January 6th, which was not my situation, this was just a stupid thing he did. But he’s a bad leader…”

What did McConnell say after January 6th?

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US News has a transcript, here. Among other things, McConnell referred to the attack as an insurrection (Trump keeps claiming that the election he lost was the ‘real’ insurrection).

It’s not the only time McConnell has spoken about Trump’s culpability and denounced the attack, either. Though McConnell voted against convicting Trump in his second impeachment trial, the video below shows that even then, McConnell was clear on Trump’s role in the attack, and on it being an attack on Congress and the nation’s institutions.

Clearly, these views don’t sit well with the former President.

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