Eric Trump’s 500 Invokings Of 5th Amendment Show Awareness Of Criminal Culpability, Argues Manhattan D.A.


Overnight there was a significant development in the investigation of Donald Trump’s business practices. The probe, being carried out by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Letitia James, is looking into whether Trump’s businesses are guilty of years of tax evasion and illegal financial tricks to net loans and other money they may not have been legally entitled to. In her latest filing, James drops another bomb: she believes there’s evidence that Eric Trump is aware of his legal culpability.

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Washington Post‘s analysis of the overnight filing addresses several major points in the investigations, one of which is whether the Trump family knew the alleged crimes were taking place. It has been a major discussion point in the public view of the investigation: assuming that criminal activity was proven, would anyone be able to prove that Donald Trump and his family knew of it, or would Trump Organization employees — like CFO Allen Weisselberg, who has already been indicted — take the fall?

As it turns out, A.G. James believes she has sufficient evidence to require Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and DOnald Trump Jr. to testify under oath, and she also believes that there’s sufficient evidence to show that Eric Trump and other key figures are aware of their criminal liability — as demonstrated by Eric’s use of the 5th Amendment, which protects a witness from self-incrimination, over 500 times in an October 2020 interview.

In a series of tweets overnight, A.G. James announced to the public that her office would not allow the Trump family to continue to dodge the investigation, and promised that no one, even Donald Trump, is above the law.

Eric responded in a tweet, claiming that the investigation is purely political, and referencing his family’s lawsuit against her for continuing to investigate their alleged criminal activity.

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