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Ivanka Finally Posts After 8-Month Absence From Twitter and Proves She Hasn’t Changed One Bit


Ivanka Trump’s recent posts on Instagram and Twitter that show her working on a food drive have gotten more negative feedback than positive, with many people accusing her of only using the opportunity to improve her image, pointing out that she is not wearing a mask, and wondering why the photos look like they come from a high-quality photoshoot.

In her posts, several images show Ivanka working with Chobani to do a food drive where they are delivering food to people’s houses. The caption reads: “Thank you to our many incredible partners and volunteers who helped feed tens of thousands American families across Idaho and NY, with fresh, nutritious, locally-sourced produce and dairy this holiday season.”

Those social media posts are not the only publicity that Ivanka sought out for her charitable actions, and she also did an interview with the New York Post about it. There was also a piece about the project in Vanity Fair written by Bess Levin, but in this article, the author pointed out that if Ivanka Trump cares about food insecurity for low-income families, then she should explain why she tried to get food stamps taken away from families (with children) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lavin goes on to say that the only person Ivanka is trying to help is herself, and after a year of staying out of the public eye in the wake of the Capitol insurrection, she is simply “posting several stylized photos of the [food drive] after the fact—and with no information for people who may still be looking for food assistance.”

Twitter had some thoughts (and they weren’t very nice):

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