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Trump Supporters Allegedly Forced to Pee Their Pants While Waiting Hours to Leave Rally


Trump appeared this Saturday in his first rally of 2022 in Arizona, and while the event was a success for him, many of those who attended complained afterward through social media that they were forced to wait hours before they could leave after it was over. While he was speaking, his fans were extremely receptive to what he had to say, but his staff’s treatment of the attendees afterward left many of those who were there understandably upset.

While many of the facts are still unclear, like just how long they had to wait and whether or not they even had bathrooms available, what has been confirmed is the negative response from the crowd post-event. The “Arizona Republic”, which sent reporters to the venue while this was happening, said, “Though people attending the event left happy, when they got to their cars their mood may have turned sour.”

One tiktoker @special_head also uploaded several videos featuring people actually at the event that helped shed light on what was happening for those who didn’t go themselves. Content like this helps clarify the situation, especially considering no one from the Trump administration has answered requests for a comment on the dilemma.

Now, the video above says the woman peed herself. We have read this in other articles as well, but we haven’t seen the woman herself make the claim, so let’s say she allegedly peed her pants.

The TikTok account showed conversations with several people there, such as one man in a t-shirt that read “God Guns & Trump” who said, “The Secret Service can go **** themselves,” in response to the rumors that the hold-up may have been due to the Secret Service making sure the former president was the first to leave.

Another woman wearing a USA pin said in a TikTok video “This is bull****,” and said that her freedom had never been that restricted before. She also claimed to be an attorney, saying that when they closed the gate to the event it counted as false imprisonment. The caption to the TikTok also said that the parking lot did not have any bathrooms, though this has not been confirmed by any other sources.

Now of course, Trump is a former president, whether we like it or not. And the man needs to be protected and the Secret Service has a job to do…and not an easy one. Obviously Trump would be rushed off the premises before his supporters and those that attended the rally. But, who would think there would be somehow to make it so people didn’t have to wait literal hours to leave.

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