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Jan. 6 Organizer Warns Against Working for Trump Campaign


An organizer of the rally that ended in the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 advised people against working for former President Donald Trump, and also said he will be seeking another candidate to support, should Trump run again.

Dustin Stockton told Ari Melber on The Beat Friday that the former president is not only partially to blame for the Capitol riot, but that people who might be be inclined to work on a potential 2024 Trump campaign should reconsider.

Melber asked, “Do you think Donald Trump bears responsibility for that storming?”

Stockton responded, “I do think he bears some responsibility, from an organizer’s standpoint.” He added,

We had done several D.C. rallies after the election. We knew what kind of logistics it took to move a crowd of that size from one place to another. We had led people to go from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court, which is about the same distance. It required a huge logistical effort. I mean medics, stopping stations, marshals, closures of streets, cooperation with a dozen different government agencies.

None of that was in place for the march to the Capitol. If they had wanted do that, we would have been happy to do that. We had the templates do it. None of that was in place, and so I do think it was wildly irresponsible to send people down to the Capitol that way.

Melber then asked Stockton if he could ever vote for Trump again, to which he replied:

I don’t think I could. I would find it very, very difficult to support Donald Trump, especially. I mean, you look at–since I’ve had an opportunity to go back and look back and really reflect upon a lot of what I really call warning signs that I excused or overlooked, I certainly would caution anyone against going to work for a Trump campaign. I just—I find the whole thing to be frustrating and sad at this point. I’ll definitely be looking to support somebody else in the Republican primaries.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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