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Michael Cohen Predicts How Ivanka Will React if She Gets Indicted


Since they reached adulthood, Donald Trump has had his three oldest children work in his company. With the Trump Organization being investigated, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are being called upon to answer questions about the business.

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As of now, the only Trump to speak to investigators has been Eric. And he pleaded the fifth amendment 500 times. As of now, Don Jr. and Ivanka are fighting subpoenas through their lawyers. This could eventually lead to an indictment.

During her Saturday show, MSNBC’s Alex Witt asked former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, “What’s the likelihood that (the Trump children) they will comply knowing full well that Donald Trump has asked people not to comply?”

The lawyer answered, “Right, so I think the answer to that is slim, slim to none, and slim left the building. In this specific case, they’re going to start to claim all sorts of privilege. With Ivanka, it’s going to be a new theory of law, I believe, it’s going to be called the ‘Daddy Theory, ‘and she’s going to do the same thing, exactly what Eric did: 500 times he evoked the Fifth Amendment.”

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Cohen continued:

“It’s problematic for Ivanka.Why? Because Ivanka is not just Donald’s daughter, but she was also a senior adviser, and so could you imagine if, in fact, that [Attorney General] Merrick Garland finally takes off the gloves, and when she, you know, is in contempt of the subpoena, they go ahead and then they indict her? That’s when you’re going to see a very different Ivanka because very much like her father, Ivanka is interested in only Ivanka.”

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