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Rand Paul Pulls a Joe Rogan on the Covid-19 Vaccine


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Friday night and correctly noted that studies indicate the Covid-19 vaccine increases the risk of myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart muscle – in adolescent males.

What he did not mention is that studies also indicate that contracting Covid-19 raises that risk even more.

Last week, Joe Rogan did the same thing on his podcast last week. However, in that case, his guest informed him of the data indicating that there is a higher risk of developing myocarditis from Covid than the Covid vaccine.

Ingraham noted a proposal in California that would allow children 12 and older to receive the vaccine without parental consent.

“Senator, we know they’ve wanted to put a wedge between children and their parents for a long time on a lot of issues, but this kind of takes the cake,” she said.

“I believe it’s medical malpractice to force vaccines on children, particularly adolescent males,” said Paul, reacting to a policy Ingraham did not mention.

“We now have the scientific evidence that shows the risk of myocarditis for young males is greater for the vaccine than it is for the disease,” he continued. “We also know the death rate is closer to one in a million. We also know that the more you get to the vaccine, the higher your risk of myocarditis. So, 90% of the myocarditis came with the second vaccine. What do you think happens when you give them a third vaccine?”

Rogan essentially made the same point during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience last week. But his guest, Josh Szeps, was more than prepared to counter it:

ROGAN: For young boys in particular, there’s an adverse risk associated with the vaccine. There’s like a two- to fourfold increase in the instances of myocarditis versus hospitalization.

SZEPS: You know that there’s an increased risk in myocarditis among that age cohort from getting Covid as well – which exceeds the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine.

ROGAN: I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think it’s true.

SZEPS: It is.

ROGAN: No, no, no. I don’t think it’s true that there’s an increased risk of myocarditis from people catching Covid that are young, versus increased risk of myocarditis from the vaccine.

SZEPS: No, there is. There’s both.

ROGAN: Well let’s look that up, because I don’t think that’s true.

After Rogan’s producer tracked down the article, their conversation resumed:

ROGAN: “Myocarditis is more common after Covid-19 infection than vaccination.” But is this with children?… With children is the issue.

SZEPS: Well, no. We were talking about 15-year-olds.

ROGAN: Well, we’re talking about young children… “[Males aged] 12 to 17, were [most] likely to develop myocarditis within three months of catching Covid at a rate of 450 cases per million infections. This compares to 67 cases of myocarditis per million of the same age following their second dose of Pfizer.”

SZEPS: Yeah, so you’re about eight times likelier to get myocarditis from getting Covid than from getting it from the vaccine.

ROGAN: That’s interesting. That is not what I’ve read before.”

Rand Paul concluded his interview with Ingraham by predicting schools will face “big time liability for forcing this vaccine on kids,” he said, referring to universities that require it.

Watch above via Fox News.

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