Trump May Let His Children Take The Fall for Him


Margeret Carlson has written for more elite publications, and for more years, than some of us have had hot meals. If anyone has an ear to the ground or a bigger Rolodex (now called “Contacts”) then it would have to be a man, sad but true. But Carlson has as much penetration into “who is doing what” as any man to have ever worked in DC.

When she offers an opinion, we listen. She thinks Trump is set up to make his kids take the fall in New York… we’re still listening, or at least having to toss the question around now with real seriousness.

Michael Cohen anyone?

First, Meg pointed out that Trump’s invincibility is no longer invincible. From the Daily Beast:

We’ve been lulled into believing Donald Trump is made of Teflon…But Trump’s luck began to run out in early 2021—when he lost the White House, Air Force One, and his Twitter account inside a few weeks. His days of getting away with conduct that would sink anyone else appear to be over. He could even start losing so much that he’ll get sick of losing.”

If there was ever a definitive end to a winning streak, last week was “it” for Trump. Carlson then points to the growing problems in New York, problems where his kids truly did contribute to any possible crimes:

“Unlike the assaults on democracy which Trump die-hards either embrace or make excuses for, James has documented the kind of fraud that could break the spell Trump has cast on his supporters, many of whom were drawn to him by a sense that they were cheated by life. If James can prove the allegations, they’d see Trump for the swindler whose ‘wins’ directly correlate with the working man’s losses.”

This is where the kids would come in:

New York Attorney General Letitia James this week filed subpoenas for two of Trump’s kidsIvanka and Don Jr.—as part of her investigation of the Trump Organization.

“This raises the tantalizing question of whether he’d put his own interests ahead of those of his own children. He’s used to throwing lackeys like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort under the bus to save his own hide. But would Trump leave Ivanka and Don Jr. with skid marks on their backs?”

She concludes by mentioning how quickly Trump turned on Michael Cohen, who was like family in a lot of ways. Carlson doesn’t say it but we will; We can’t see any reason that Don Jr. or Eric would fare any better than Michael Cohen. Don Jr. and Eric were business partners, kids to be sure, “loved” enough by a parent that they would be spared? It seems very doubtful.

Ivanka may be different, the apple of dad’s eye (we hope that’s it). Ironically, of all of Trump’s shadiest deals (Vancouver, Panama City, Baku), were Ivanka deals, the type of deals where batted eyes and a smile sure helped.

Carlson says Trump is going to have to make a choice, and sooner rather than later, by comparing them to Cohen and Paul Manafort, it sounds like she’s leaning that way. Does that mean he is, too?

She has been around a while…


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