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White House Counsel Determined Trump’s Pence Scheme was Illegal


From Yahoo! Sports (because WaPo article is behind a paywall):

Thompson also said House investigators have documents suggesting Trump’s White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, “may have concluded” that Pence rejecting or delaying the counting of state electoral votes “would violate the Constitution or would be otherwise illegal.”

“Did you discuss those issues with any member of the White House counsel’s office? To your knowledge, were any such legal conclusions shared with President Trump?” the chairman asked.…

I felt I had to diary this because earlier this evening, Nicole Wallace, on MSNBC, called it a “bombshell”. 
I suppose it is big — if your own lawyer tells you not to do something because it’s illegal, and you do it anyway, you can’t then claim ignorance of the law. So TFG Is likely dead to rights here.
It remains to be ascertained whether TFG saw this determination from Cipollone, but come on, it was his JOB to tell the President these things.

Update 8:38pm EDT — From troffelmasse in the comments: 

Here’s a direct link to the Thompson letter to Ivanka … (PDF file) the last paragraph on page two has the questions this diary post is referring to, where “White House Counsel may have concluded that the actions TFG directed Pence to take would violate the Constitution or would be otherwise illegal.”

It’s short, but it’s really worth a read.

Clearly the Jan 6th committee is using these letters to tell the nation what’s been piling up, and it is not pretty.

Update 8:59pm EDT — More from troffelmasse:

The reason I think that letter is so important to read is the question to Ivanka “To your knowledge, were any such legal conclusions shared with President T****?” To me, that statement has big red siren lights all over it.

I think you can be damn sure the Jan 6th committee already has documents and testimony PROVING that T**** had been told … that he knew about that legal determination of what he was trying to do. This is one of the most important legal issues in the whole investigation. The committee surely isn’t going to telegraph to Ivanka that they would really like her to tell them something that they don’t yet have the facts on and are never going to get out of her. That can only mean one thing … they know he was told, and they’re telling T****world that they know.

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