Watch Trump Humiliate Himself as He Appears to Beg for Applause at Mar-a-Lago


We have to give a huge hat tip to our friends at Rawstory for digging this up and helping us bring it to you, along with some quotes from Phillip Rucker and Carole Leonig’s book, I Alone Can Fix It.

It is all too obvious that Trump is depressed. There is no indication as to when the video was shot, we only know it was posted today and seems to be a post-presidential gathering, more likely than not – in our opinion – just in the last few days, but we are guessing. The unbelievable and infantile need for approval, like a 3 year old, manifests itself in the oddest ways with Trump.

Rawstory compares the video to Jeb Bush’s “low energy” request for applause at the end of one of his speeches. Jeb was the one who actually said “please clap,”  In the video below, we only see Trump come out onto the veranda where guests eat dinner, and one can hear a smattering of applause. Apparently, it wasn’t enough, so, like the conductor of an orchestra, Trump waves them on for more applause, before he gives the thumbs-up sign, almost like saying; “There, that’s more appropriate.”

Rawstory picked out a quote from the book to describe what dinners at Mar-a-Lago tend to descend to:

“As more dinner guests with plates began queuing up in the room to visit the raw bar and other food stations, Trump finally decided it was time to wrap up our conversation. He invited us to stay for dinner and instructed the maître d’ to find us a table. Then the former president stepped onto the veranda and into the last of the day’s sun. Right on cue, the dinner guests immediately stood up at their tables to applaud him. He took it all in, smiling,” the book said. “Just another Wednesday night at Mar-a-Lago. And off he went, table by table, to greet friends.”

“When you’re down there talking to him, there’s a distorted reality he’s presenting, not only to us, but the dozens of guests that come to Mar-A-Lago every night for dinner and give him a standing ovation at sunset, and then you leave Mar-A-Lago and you realize what’s happening in the world the reality is so different from what he’s trying to tell his supporters.”

And here he is:

As you’d imagine, Twitter had a field day:

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