Viral Video Wrongly Accuses Weatherman of Another Guys Fart


An injustice occurred when a viral video misidentified a weatherman who may or may not have farted live on the air, touching off an explosion of wiseassery in the replies.

Our saga begins with a Twitter user named Jordan Doenges who posted a video whose captions asked whether a meteorologist identified as “Jude” farted on camera, and was reposted by sports radio host Matt Jones, who wrote “More weathermen excitement! Did this Louisville weatherman fart on air??”

That tweet from Jones touched off a blizzard of mockery in the replies from users who debated the source of the noise, and made other assorted weather-and-flatulence-related quips:

The “Jude” in question is WDRB Morning Meteorologist Jude Redfield, but as several of the replies pointed out, it was not Redfield in the clip.

No, that honor goes to WDRB Chief Meteorologist Marc Weinberg, whose distinctively halting Adam West-meets-William Shatner delivery is evident throughout the report in question.

While it is not normally the policy of this website to engage in the exploitation of fart-related content (please ignore the fact that we have both a “fart” tag and a distinct and separate “farts” tag), there is a greater principle at stake in this case. Whether you believe that the subject of this clip broke wind live on the air — or worse — fidelity to fact compels us to correct the misidentification of the alleged culprit.

Also, we don’t need any lectures from you, who literally clicked to read about it.

Watch the original report above via WDRB.

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