Jen Psaki Bristles at Peter Doocy Suggestion Biden Lied


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki objected when Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy made the clear suggestion that President Joe Biden might be lying about his communications with another world leader.

At Wednesday’s press briefing, Doocy asked Psaki about remarks the president made at a press conference recently regarding his conversations with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

After a series of questions about the Russia/Ukraine situation, Doocy asked “On Covid origins, you guys are talking a lot about sanctions for Russia if they dare to invade Ukraine. What about sanctions for China at any point for misleading the world about the early days of the global pandemic?”

“We have used sanctions as a tool as it relates to our concerns about the behavior of a range of countries, including officials in China. But I have nothing to preview for you at this point,” Psaki replied, and reiterated the same when Doocy rephrased on follow-up.

“So then my last thought would be, if the president said for months that he had not spoken directly to Xi about the Covid origins investigation, now he says that he did talk to Xi about it, but nobody else was there,” Doocy said, and asked “If the president had that conversation, did it work? And is Xi now playing ball?”

Psaki immediately took exception, asking Doocy, “What are you getting at there? Are you suggesting the president wasn’t being honest about his own conversation with Xi?”

“No, but the story did change for months,” Doocy said. “He was asked about it, and he said that he’d not directly asked him about the COVID origins.”

“We don’t share every detail of every diplomatic conversation. You know that the president answered a direct question just a week ago, or I think it was a week ago, yes, and provided that information,” Psaki deadpanned, to which Doocy responded “Okay.”

Watch above via C-Span.

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