Trump’s Disastrous Lou Dobbs Interview Goes Off the Rails When He Veers into Talking About His Book


Trump appeared on Lou Dobbs’s podcast Wednesday morning and had an “interesting” conversation about his administration. Sean Hannity may have been a shadow chief of staff, but there’s almost no question that Dobbs was near “in love” with Trump. Some will recall that on a random Friday that he hoped everyone had a great weekend, made possible by President Donald Trump.

Trump opened by saying: “Well, nobody even heard the term supply chain.”

If he was unaware of the fact that toilet paper was unavailable and the many empty shelves at Walmart that was the hallmark of the first months of COVID. But nobody blamed Trump because Republicans never blamed him for anything and Democrats seemed to understand that this is what happens when epidemics come along.

We didn’t sit around talking about supply chain. Now, that’s all of a sudden, that’s all — the two words people are using most because you can’t get anything,

Omicron. Much more contagious, additionally, it is around the globe and 30% of this country refuses to get vaccinated. We have no trouble believing that you didn’t worry when people had trouble getting goods under you.

“You look at big grocery stores, big chains, they have empty shelves, sixty, seventy percent of their shelves are empty in some cases. In some cases, more than that. They can’t get food, they can’t get clothing.

This, of course, is a lie. But he was just warming up. Listen to this one:

“I just did a book — which is very successful, they sold 240,000 copies and we just ordered another 240,000, I guess, or more. And the publisher — the printer, who is one of the biggest in the country, I think he said he has eight plants, he said, well, we have one problem, we can’t get paper, we can’t get ink.

Amazing, since we haven’t heard of a single problem with paper and ink anywhere else.

Oh, my gosh. Dobbs said because he’ll believe anything Trump says. But Trump wasn’t finished describing the reasons no one can get the book.

“We can’t get glue. And we can’t get leather, for the covers. ‘I’ve been doing this for forty years, I’ve never had a problem getting anything.”

So four things, just about everything needed to put out a book, even though leather seems weird. First of all, we don’t believe him. Second of all, let’s pretend for a moment that he was actually right. Do you think he could name one thing that might make things a bit different right now?

Rawstory does say that the book appears to be “sold out,” which would depend heavily upon how many were printed of course.

Regardless, let’s review: Yes, there were supply chain problems under Trump, an epidemic started, we cannot and did not, blame him for not having toilet paper and many other goods. We fully believe they never spoke about supply chain problems, not on their radar because it didn’t have much to do with raising campaign cash. We do not believe that his publisher cannot get a hold of any of those items he listed. We don’t believe he sold 240,000 books, though Rawstory says it was sold out.

That is quite the interview right there. In other words, very typical Trump. Give it a listen: (Starts at 6:03)

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