Americans Shocked and Dismayed by New Photo From Mar-a-Lago Clearly Showing ‘The Help’


It was some time ago, talking decades, that a golf tournament had to be pulled from a major club because the club either did not have any black members or had a rule that there would not be any black members. Within about two weeks golf clubs all over the United States pulled aside the highest-ranking black executive officers at major corporations to grant them memberships, including Augusta National, the most famous club of all.

Let’s face it, there is likely no game that is whiter than golf, even hockey is starting to reflect the diversity, at least in Canada. So, even though the greatest player to ever play the game, Tiger Woods is black, it’s not surprising that Mar-a-Lago would not have…

Wait, Mar-a-Lago is not a golf club, it’s a social club, with ballrooms, a pool, beach access (though you’ll never see Trump on the beach) and yet people swear that they’ve never seen a black person at Mar-a-Lago.

There are a lot of people one won’t see at Mar-a-Lago, including 99% of the writers in this world because the annual dues are over six figures. Still, there are a lot of wealthy black people in South Florida… there must be… Oh! We found it, we found a picture with plenty of black people at Mar-a-Lago;

Still. Something seems off. We went to Twitter for answers:

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