Trump Being Mocked for Humiliating Video of Him Begging for Applause


Former President Donald Trump recently did something that’s pretty pathetic — even by his low standards. In a clip posted on the Twitter page Patriot Takes, he can be seen asking for applause from guests at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. And the clip has definitely gone viral, with more than one million views since it was posted on January 23, Newsweek reports. It’s not clear when the video was recorded or who filmed it, but it was captioned “Trump asking for applause from the Mar-a-Lago brunch crowd. Sad.”

Like I said, Trump has reached a new low when it comes to being pathetic.

In the clip, he raises his arms and spins them at guests, and cheers and applause follow. Trump gives a “thumbs-up” to the crowd and then walks off.

Apparently, this reminded some folks in the Twitterverse of a similar incident involving 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. That led Patriot Takes to respond to this in another tweet that reads: “In other words, ‘please clap,’ same energy as Jeb Bush.

It really seems like Trump will stop at nothing to make sure he is the center of attention, no matter what the cost. He’s always got to be in the spotlight. He clearly doesn’t know what to do with himself when he’s on the sidelines. He’s a desperate man who failed as president just as he’s failed at everything else he’s ever tried.

How very sad. He’s run the country into the ground and caused damage that will last for years, if not decades and he’s not satisfied at that. He may well run again and it’ll be another four years of The Donald Trump Show. Another four years of mugging for the camera and embarrassing the U.S. on the world stage.

I can hardly wait. Can you?

Lots of folks on Twitter had some thoughts as well.

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