Ignored Graphic Spread Before the Jan 6th Riots Made it Clear What Was Coming, ‘Operation Occupy the Capitol’


If one had to guess, the law enforcement failure that occurred on January 6th – and it was a failure, was partly due to people unsure as to who had jurisdiction over what, and, perhaps, suppression of work from above.

We all heard about the chat rooms where people talked about what was going to happen on January 6th and that it was “obvious”… somewhere there was a failure. But we have to admit that none of us know what an average day on one of those chat sites look like, they could be full of threats, too, and it would be impossible (or near impossible) to figure out the real ones versus those that were not.

But if one had to place a bet, the intelligence was there and presented to the Director of the FBI and A.G. who passed it along to Homeland Security, the national guard, and – most importantly – the DNI, the guy who is supposed to coordinate intelligence between all these networks. If the intelligence gets to him and it doesn’t get distributed, then it might as well not exist.

Where should it have gone from the DNI? To the president, of course. He would be the one to order the National Guard to be at the ready, and not just to protect Tump supporters. Since it was on federal property, someone in the federal government would have to notify Washington DC police, who normally wouldn’t have justification over federal property.

See? Just because the document could have been well-circulated doesn’t mean the right government agencies wouldn’t necessarily know. It is possible that some of the political ones didn’t want it known, didn’t want it organized, or easily prevented.

The document below has purportedly been used in sentencing in many cases, likely ones where they found it on that person’s computer. So, where did this come from?

If this was widely distributed,  people who monitor violent factions knew about it. Who saw the documents, where were they forwarded, and what was done once forwarded?


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