Donald Trump Attacks Trans Rights Activism At Rally, Prompting Q-anon “Save Our Kids” Chant


While he was in the White House, Donald Trump carried out attacks on trans rights from a legislative standpoint, such as issuing an executive order to prevent transgender individuals from joining the U.S. Military. American voters kicked him out of the White House, and he no longer has that power, but it hasn’t stopped him from fighting to do harm in the ways that are still accessible to him.

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Trump can no longer issue executive orders or sign bills into law, but one power he does have is the ability to whip his fans into a frenzy, and send them away from his rallies ready to fight for him. Of course, the audience will have different interpretations of what that means — possibly ranging all the way from the ballot box to harassment or violence.

As you can see below, Trump harnessed that power Saturday night to turn his audience’s focus on transgender rights activists. While activists have fought to protect kids who want to transition socially (surgical transition is not available for children, despite the claims of some extremists) and use a different name and pronouns during school years, Trump hints that this is actually an attack on childhood, and his audience is eating it up.

“Save our children” is a classic q-anon catchphrase, linked to their conspiracy theories around child trafficking, which they pin on anyone they dislike, typically making up false stories about Democrats that can inspire their adherents to violence. (Remember pizzagate?)

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