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Putin may be suffering with cancer


Concerns are rising about the overall health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reports of several clues suggesting he was suffering from thyroid cancer and Parkinson’s Disease when he ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

The Kremlin has not, and probably will not, offered any explanation about what investigators are saying are clear signs that the President’s health was failing when he started the unprovoked war.

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Putin, known in Russia and Mar-a-Lago, Florida, for his “strong man” image, has recently seemed “bloated” and “weakened” when compared to even recent images of his younger self.

This decline in his physical condition has lead many to speculate if he has been battling a serious illness, or more than one.

Just last week, reports emerged that a surgeon specializing in thyroid cancer in “elderly and senile” patients is on call to treat Putin if needed.

Vladimir Putin via Flickr / openDemocracy

Last November, a Russian political analyst reported that Putin had been dealing with both cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, while a separate source reported that he had undergone surgery for abdominal cancer.

Russian news outlet Proekt further reported that a team of doctors frequently visited the 69-year-old Putin at his residences and/or accompanied him on trips. Yevgeny Selivanov, an oncology surgeon, flew to visit Putin at his Black Sea residence over 30 times, spending over 160 days in total with him.

Two ear, nose, and throat specialists also visited Putin even more frequently, with one of them,
Alexei Shcheglov, reportedly seeing Putin 59 times and spending 282 days with him between 2016 and 2020.

Vladimir Putin via Flickr / Carmen Rodriguez

The outlet figured out which doctors spent time with Putin at his Sochi home by examining hotel contracts published on the government website, and determining that the dates that the doctors stayed at the Sochi hotels matched up with Putin’s visits to the city or otherwise periods where he seemed to have mysteriously disappeared from the public.




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