Curses at Staff, Calls Them ‘Idiots’ and ‘Morons’


So how does Rep. Spartz go to work on Monday? Her entire staff will have read the Politico article noting that a non-partisan group named her the worst boss in America. Many will have been sources. Will she feel bad at all? Will she have a team meeting to say, “Alright, I’ll do better.” Or will she be angrier?

Why does it not surprise us that it’s a woman MAGA (self-hater) who tops the list?

Ukraine-born Spartz looks rather angry in many of her photos. (Photo by Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

We don’t know. But according to Politico:

Four aides are departing the Indiana Republican’s office this month after another exited weeks ago, leaving a skeleton crew of staffers in the first-term lawmaker’s D.C. office. Spartz’s exodus is on the radar of GOP leadership, which has tried to address her performance as an employer at least twice since the end of last year, according to a senior Republican close to the matter.

Four! Ouch, she is just a representative. She cannot have that many staffers.

The frequent departures stem from an allegedly unhealthy work environment, according to interviews with eight people, including more than a half-dozen former staffers as well as Republicans familiar with her office dynamics who were granted anonymity to speak candidly. They described Spartz as an unpredictable boss whose temper can rocket from tepid to boiling.

I think I know why the people of Indiana voted for Spartz.

Mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Those former staffers and other Republicans told POLITICO she frequently yells and curses at aides, belittling her staff’s intelligence and berating them in front of others — members, constituents and even with reporters in close proximity. On more than one occasion, three former staffers said, Spartz likened her aides’ writing skills to those of elementary-school students and proclaimed that her children were more talented than her staff.

The “in front of others” takes it from mean to cruel.

She is unlucky. Trump is no longer in the White House. He would win in a landslide.


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