Trump’s Weekend Grifting at Mar-A-Lago & the Kentucky Derby


Everything Donald Trump does has a benefit for himself included in it somewhere, or else he doesn’t do it. Sharing his taxes would be bad, so he doesn’t do that. Ditto for telling any actual truths. But hosting fundraisers and rallies (which are just fundraisers with more bloviating and paid bad actors to fill in the background) to keep funding his non-stop grifts going, though? He’d show up at the opening of an envelope as long as there was literally something in it for him.

Trump has remained a looming presence over the GOP in more ways than one since he unceremoniously left his squat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, more as an actual physical manifestation of whatever blackmail the Russians have over them than anything else. So of course the absolute worst of the “best people” made the pilgrimage to MAGA-Lago on Friday night for a grifting–oops, SCREENING–of Dinesh D’Souza “documentary” called “2000 Mules,” which is about the 2020 Presidential election “fraud,” so you know all of the greatest political minds were gathered for this work of utter genius. Also, they dressed like the theme was “1980s Florida Panhandle Goodwill Dumpster Dive,” as personified by the Mickey and Mallory of the GQP here.

Nobody at that shindig had a clue. Or a proper foundation garment.

Anyway, after Trump recovered from that grift on Friday, he kept it going on Sunday by holding a $75K per person fundraiser at the Kentucky Derby, except he really didn’t want anyone to know he was there, which is weird for the guy who thrives on attention. It’s possible he knew it wasn’t really his crowd. According to the Associated Press, “his entrance was shielded from the general public and the press. He was ushered into the track through a side hallway that had been used by caterers and staff, where his entourage erected an American flag and a Kentucky flag to greet him. Before he arrived, staff pulled curtains to corral the press and public away, guarded by FBI agents in camouflage with automatic rifles.” SUBTLE! That’s how you maintain a low profile for sure.

Just make sure you do all you can to not draw any attention to the fact that you TOTALLY DO NOT WANT ATTENTION, got it.

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