CSC Security Worked Dave Chappelle Show, Astroworld


The security company hired for Dave Chappelle’s recent show at the Hollywood Bowl — which featured an onstage attack — was the same team that oversaw the deadly 2021 Astroworld Festival.

Chappelle was ambushed by suspected attacker Isaiah Lee, who was wielding a bladed gun replica, during his set for Netflix Is A Joke Fest last week.

The incident prompted many to wonder how Lee was able to enter the concert with the weapon in the first place, let alone get on stage with Chappelle.

That’s a question for security company Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC), which was also in charge of Astroworld Festival — where 10 people died and hundreds were injured during a crowd surge incident.

The company was also hired for the 2017 Las Vegas country music festival, during which 59 people were killed during the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.

CSC, founded by Damon Zumwalt, is one of the United States’ largest event security companies and has been hired to oversee massive concerts and sporting events, including Coachella and the Super Bowl, according to entertainment news company Meaww.

“[CSC] is everywhere. They just did Coachella. They are set to do EDC in Las Vegas in two weeks. They already have a contract for the next Super Bowl,” Tommie Sunshine, an electronic artist who has performed at festivals overseen by CSC, told Buzzfeed. “How do you give the security of the Super Bowl to the company that ran security for the event that had the biggest mass shooting in modern US history?”

The company has faced numerous lawsuits by employees, attendees, and family members of victims claiming negligence, assault, and personal injury.

Tehran Von Ghasri, a comedian who performed the same night as Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl, also claimed that he was “shrugged off” by CSC security when he tried to warn of a man who jumped over the barrier with his backpack on.

“She shrugged me off,” Ghasri said. “And within a minute, [Lee] had hoisted himself onstage and knocked Chappelle down.”

A security staffer further told Buzzfeed that guards were instructed to rush people into the venue and did not even check backs.

“We were told there was going to be a big crowd and to get them in as fast as possible,” said the worker. “There were no details on what that meant and how to do it — just get them in as fast as possible.”

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