Tennis Star Denis Shapavalov Rages at Crowd in Wild Meltdown


Tennis star Denis Shapavalov revealed his frustrations in full display Monday during a match, yelling at the crowd to “shut the f*ck up” while he argued with the chair umpires over a court violation.

The situation began in the second set of the round of 64 matches in the Italian Open when Shapavalov served a short-armed fault, causing the chair umpire to get out of seat and check on the ball mark.

The ball was clearly on the other side of the serving box but the young Canadian tennis star wasn’t having that, coming up to the net to argue this stance before hopping over the net to show the ump exactly where the ball was.

Now anyone that has played tennis or is a fan knows that crossing the net during a match is a code violation resulting in a fault point for the opposition. The chair ump tried to warn the young tennis player of that but instead, he crossed the net again to get back to his side.

The double fault was assessed by the lead judge, trying to calm Shapavalov down but he wasn’t having it, persisting to argue over the “stupid” rule with the chair umpire.

“That’s not fair, I was just showing you the mark,” an agitated Shapavalov said.

“Denis I know exactly what you were doing,” the chair umpire stated.

“I’m not doing anything unsportsmanlike,” Shapavalov replied.

“That’s just the rule,” the ump said.

“No, it’s not, it’s stupid,” the 23-year-old retorted.

Clearly, the young tennis star’s emotions were reaching a boiling point and the crowd in Rome was eating it up, starting to harass and boo Shapavalov as he talked to the court supervisor.

“Shut the f*ck up,” Shapavalov exploded at the crowd, continuing to berate the supervisor.

“Apologies for the language,” the Bally Sports broadcast chimed in after the expletive moment.

The chairman did indeed grant the double fault to Shapavalov, resulting in his opponent, Lorenzo Sonego, winning the game point.

To be fair, the official seemed to be sympathetic towards the Canadian tennis player but rules are rules and Denis clearly broke them, continuing to argue his case as he stepped back on the court.

By that time the crowd was fully against Shapavalov and his meltdown, harassing him with whistles and noises as the young star tried to egg them on, flashing the money sign at a few members of the crowd.

The chair umpire had to come out on the court again and talk to the Canadian, asking him to keep it together as Denis pointed to fans in the crowd he wanted to be removed.

The match eventually resumed after the meltdown as Shapavalov was able to get his emotions in check, rallying back in the third set, 6-3, winning the match two sets to one.

Nonetheless, the storylines afterward will most certainly be centered around Shapavalov’s tantrum, showing the ugly side of the elite sport known for its etiquette and proper play.

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