Alex Jones Rips QAnon Crowd ‘Worst People in the World’


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has had enough of the QAnon crowd.

The InfoWars founder and host ripped a caller who invoked the popular theory on his show.

A clip posted online highlighted a moment in Jones’ daily, hours-long broadcast in which he ripped QAnon to shreds after it was brought into the conversation by a caller.

Jones went into a screed in which he screamed at the man — and everyone who bought into QAnon — in the years leading up to the 2020 election.

The host fumed their gullibility helped Democrats steal the country. Jones said,

Do you understand that we lost the country because of Q?! And I have to put up with the Q people all over the place! And I’m tired of it!

So, I’m not mad at you, but you hit a button here, And the damn Q people were the ones that manipulated some people to go into the damn Capitol and work with the feds. Q is the worst people on Earth at the top! Q is the new world order! Q is a psyop to lead us around by our noses!

The clip ends there with Jones seething in anger.

The QAnon theory pushes the false ideas that the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. was faked and that former President Donald Trump would, or will be, reinstated as president despite losing the 2020 election.

CBS News previously reported of the conspiracy theory:

QAnon purports that America is run by a cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshippers who run a global child sex-trafficking operation and that former President Trump is the only person who can stop them. The information supposedly comes from a high-ranking government official who posts cryptic clues on 4chan and the even more unfettered site 8chan under the name “Q.”

While Jones might not buy into QAnon, he has floated innumerable unfounded theories of his own for decades.

Jones is currently being sued for defamation by families of some of the children who were murdered in the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre. The InfoWars host said he believed the shooting was a false flag operation.

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