CNN Calls Out Fox News For Falsely Identifying Baby Formula


CNN called out Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity for falsely identifying photos from a border facility as “pallets and pallets of baby formula for illegal immigrants and their families.”

Rep. Kat Cammack is among a group of Republicans who have expressed outrage that President Joe Biden’s administration continues to provide baby formula for migrant infants while Americans deal with dire shortages. Cammack has appeared on several Fox News programs to complain about the issue, and shared photos that she says were given to her by a CBP agent.

But CNN’s Alex Koppelman reports, in the Reliable Sources newsletter, that the photos were misidentified on the air. He singled out Hannity and the hosts of Fox & Friends, and pointed out that the products on the pallets in the photos were clearly marked as powdered milk, not formula:

And they did not show baby formula.

The photo Hannity pointed to, and the one that followed it, showed boxes and boxes clearly labeled NIDO. As anyone at Fox could have discovered with about a minute’s worth of fact-checking, NIDO is not baby formula; it is powdered milk. As its maker, Nestlé, specifically notes: “NIDO® products are only intended for children ages 1 year and older.”

There is undoubtedly some formula being provided to babies in these centers at the border — you’d assume there would be, unless you expect the government to simply decide to starve babies in its care. The narrative spun over the past two days on the right, though, has let people imagine not a little bit of necessary food but rivers of formula going to the undocumented over themselves. It’s an illuminating example of how Republican politicians and right-wing media work in concert, turning the thinnest possible set of facts into days of outrage over Them getting something You deserve — and then, as with the photos Hannity and “Fox & Friends” used, abandoning facts altogether.

Immigration reporter Anna Giaritelli has also posted a Twitter thread of her own reporting intended to rebut Cammack.

Watch above via Fox News.

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