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New Rumors About Putin’s Health


Stories are now emerging in the British press about a conversation a top Russian oligarch had with a western businessman in March, that the businessman recorded and has now released (while keeping the oligarch’s name a secret, other than saying he lives outside Russia now and is on Forbes’ list of 200 richest Russians).

Coventry Telegraph: Putin health update as secret recording allegedly claims he is seriously ill with blood cancer

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “very ill with blood cancer’ it has been reported. An oligarch with close links to the president has reportedly been recorded as giving the information during a conversation with a Western venture capitalist.

The story was also picked up by Metro UK and some other British media, but doesn’t seem to have caught US media attention yet. What has been noticed is that Putin sat through the May 9 victory parade with a blanket over his legs and was limping as he got up to give his speech.

Then today, the UK Daily Mirror posted the photo shown above along with this story: Vladimir Putin’s bloated look with ‘head too big for body’ in virtual meeting:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin appeared at a virtual meeting of his security council with a ‘bloated head that is too big for his body’ commenters say.

There was even a claim his head had been artificially attached to his body in manipulated footage.

Speculation: Putin’s face is showing enough signs of illness that he doesn’t want it to be seen. IF this is true, he is likely deteriorating so quickly that he may not live long enough for the surgery he supposedly needs, or might not survive the operation. Or forces in the Kremlin may decide he is too ill to continue to rule (ruin) Russia any longer.

Best scenario if that happens is the new ruler(s) will declare the Ukraine invasion was all Putin’s fault and was clearly a product of his declining health. More likely, though, is that one of the hard-liners he has surrounded himself with will demand that the “special military operation” continue.

Live or die, it’s an unholy mess.

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