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Trump Now Selling ‘Ultra MAGA’ T-Shirts with Him as an ‘Ultra MAGA’ Superman and It’s Just So Sad and Pathetic





So begins Trump’s email to his supporters as if it is sort of insulting, or at least surprising, to be called extremist. Given that he refused to hand over power peacefully and was impeached twice for things that no other president ever contemplated, never mind carried out, that would seem somewhat extreme to many of us, yes?

Trump has posted embarrassing photos in the past, proving he has no shame whatsoever.

Ah, but Trump senses a way to make money off this, meaning from the MAGAs, of course, and thus he is embracing the label:

 If ULTRA MAGA means loving your Country and putting AMERICA FIRST, then yes, WE ARE ULTRA MAGA.

So, because I love YOU and all my ULTRA MAGA PATRIOTS so much, I knew I had to make you all something special. I couldn’t help myself…

First of all, they’ve given themselves the “patriot” title, which is deeply offensive. They believe that Democrats can’t be patriots. And, of course, he couldn’t help himself. He can never help himself when it comes to grifting off the MAGAs. There was one gigantic error that could have really made serious money if his vanity didn’t get in the way. If, at the beginning of the pandemic, Trump came out and said that all MAGAs should prove to the country that they’re strong, fearless, and patriots. Thus they should have a MAGA mask to tell the world who they are. He would have made tens of millions selling something that takes fifty cents to make and sell for $20. But, again – vanity. And the country needlessly lost hundreds of thousands of lives.

But now Trump wants to sell a t-shirt with him as Ultra-MAGA, and only a $45 donation or more will get you a t-shirt, a bargain! He couldn’t help himself:

Imagine selling this and being proud of it? Anything for a buck I guess. Or in this case, $45 bucks.

I mean COME ON:

There are no words…

This is one of my favorite memes that always pops up whenever Trump tries to fool his supporters into believing he’s some big strong alpha male:

Another day, another Trump as some beyond the human species, superhero, a diety, a daddy, stronger and smarter than anyone else alive. He couldn’t help himself.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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