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Don Jr. Caught Pushing Putin’s Talking Points and People are Demanding Answers


Nothing makes the slaughter in Ukraine in any way worthwhile. None of it should’ve ever happened. But one of the things that the unprovoked Russian invasion into Ukraine has done is it has exposed just how much control Putin has over certain Republican politicians, starting with Donald Trump, of course, but also extending out past Cawthorn, Gosar, Tucker, Tulsi, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Jim Jordan.

But now, noted statesman Donald Trump Junior, who knows nothing about international relations, or even his own American government, has unknowingly exposed himself while attempting to “own” the libs and Joe Biden. As the viral tweet says, if there was ever any doubt that “the Trumps” (plural) are all controlled by Moscow, Don Jr. removes all doubt by arguing on behalf of “the Trumps” (which is trending on Twitter).

As everyone knows, having watched Russia invade Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden, which both share far northern borders with Russia, have both sought to join NATO, hoping that doing so will keep Putin from ever considering invading their nation. Given that both are free, democratic countries, it would seem as though this is their right to petition and that it would certainly be a guarantee of safety if successful.

Donald Trump Jr. thinks Finland joining NATO is bad thing, international relations scholar that he is. On Monday, Finland officially declared its intention to seek NATO membership, and Sweden’s ruling party said it’s in favor of abandoning neutrality by joining the alliance.

Putin doesn’t like having his neighbors join NATO, of course, because he is no threat to them. But Putin is even more threatened by having strong democracies on his borders, which is why he invaded Ukraine. Neither reason is justification for invading a country, obviously.

But Don Jr. thinks that Vladimir Putin should be allowed to determine who does and doesn’t join NATO. Unknowingly, that is just how Junior’s tweet is framed. Junior presupposes that Putin is allowed to do what he wants with countries on his borders and IF the United States allows a country to join NATO, then somehow it is the United States’ and NATO’s fault that Russia invades. Without having any idea what he’s doing, he shows the world that he’s entirely under Putin’s control:

And Twitter was more than happy to point it out to him:

EXACTLY RIGHT. It is not America First. It is Trump First, which means doing Putin’s bidding.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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