The 411 on Payton Gendron’s Father Paul R Gendron and Mother Pamela Glendon


I’m not going to speculate as to whether mass shooter Payton Grendon’s parents were Trumpanzees or bad parents. They did allow their little fucker to own body armor and military assault weaponry. They did know than the little bastard was a racist with hate in his heart. Draw your own conclusions of contact his father and ask him everything you want to know. If he won’t talk, here’s the 411 on his mother Pamela Grendon.

Pamela and Paul Gendron the two who produced and nurtured this demon child.Judging by the snouts on these two, eyes and teeth, they look more like brother and sister than husband and wife and perhaps Trumpanzees but only genetic testing will be able determine than with complete scientific certainty.

Whether or not Payton is the result of nurture or nature is unknown but what is known is that he’s an evil bastard. He’s probably more than just a bad seed. This needs to be found out because chances are his parents are complicit and or culpable. They may face criminal charges.

Paul R Gendron Age 51 (Aug 1970)

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