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Kellyanne Conway Throws Her Husband Under the Bus in New People Magazine Interview — Then Praises Ivanka of Course


Damn it. We expected Kellyanne Conway to write an expose as to what was actually happening behind the scenes and how Trump came very close to destroying the world and might still destroy the United States. We wanted to hear how bad it really was, similar to other books published by various ex-staffers. But if that’s the case, those sections are not in the excerpts from “Here’s the Deal,” published by People magazine today.

Instead, Kellyanne actually makes Ivanka out to be lovingly heroic, Melania a supportive and strong woman, and George Conway, who has been an invaluable and perceptive Trump critic, gets trashed as “cheating by tweeting,” according to Kellyanne. Poor Kellyanne believed that George violated their marriage vows to love, cherish… From People:

I had already said publicly what I’d said privately to George: that his daily deluge of insults-by-tweet against my boss—or, as he put it sometimes, “the people in the White House”—violated our marriage vows to “love, honor, and cherish” each other. Those vows, of course, do not mean we must agree about politics or policies or even the president. In our democracy, as in our marriage, George was free to disagree, even if it meant a complete 180 from his active support for Trump-Pence–My Wife–2016 and a whiplash change in character from privately brilliant to publicly bombastic.

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage Over Trump.

“Whoop-de-do, George!” I said to him. “You are one of millions of people who don’t like the president. Congrats.”

I continued: “But you are one of one whose wife is counselor to the president. You shouldn’t criticize me publicly. And when did you become so mean? That is so not you.”

George’s answers were always the same. Trump, Trump, Trump . . . The reflexive, obsessive, formulaic “but Trump” slur that permeated half the Congress and half the country was now dominating half the Conway couple.

Leave it to Kellyanne Conway to ask why her husband was so MEAN while Donald Trump was calling him “Moonface” and being “mean” to everyone who didn’t slavishly praise his every move. Were that not enough? Ivanka was the hero:

“I am in a family of Democrats,” she said, referring to at least some of the Kushners. “I get it.” I got somewhat emotional, not overly personal, and was truly grateful. In that moment, Ivanka was incredibly kind and supportive, reiterating that she knew how warmly her father and their entire family felt about me.

A week after that conversation, and based on my stated openness to the idea, Ivanka came into my office (which was next to hers) and handed me a Post-it note. It had the names of two local doctors who specialized in couples therapy. I noticed she had avoided putting that in a text or an email. I appreciated the information and her thoughtfulness and wanted to pursue it. After I showed George the names, he rejected one and said a half-hearted “okay” to the other while looking at his phone.

Yes, Ivanka “gets it,” we’re sure that Jared really got it from his family of “Democrats.” Ivanka did come from a family of Democrats. All of them were Democrats until Trump became a Republican in 2008. ‘Wonder what happened that year?

And then there is heroic Melania, telling Trump to leave Kellyanne alone because couples don’t control each other:

Melania’s calm voice piped in immediately as my mouth closed and my eyes widened. Donald,” she said, “this is not her fault. And she is a big girl. Strong and confident.”

Melania wasn’t done. “We don’t control our husbands—and you don’t control us!”

Trump couldn’t argue with that. I didn’t ask for any of this. I felt awkward and embarrassed that the president of the United States and the First Lady had to spend even a minute on this and yet felt relieved and protected from what was becoming an armful of harmful.

Kellyanne said that both Ivanka Trump and Sarah Sanders helped her with her marriage problems.

We suspect that Melania controls Trump far more than most appreciate. She is the one that knows the secrets that could destroy him. There is a reason she’s still married, pampered, and happy, at Mar-a-Lago and not tossed to the side for a younger version.

So this is not going to be the tell-all we wanted. Indeed, it looks to us like a warm-up reset to 2024.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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