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St. Jude Patient Surprised With Monster Truck in His Artwork


A heartwarming segment on Fox & Friends Thursday morning when St. Jude patient Calvin was invited to show off his monster truck design that had been put on Monster Jam toy trucks but was instead surprised with a real life monster truck that had his own artwork on it.

Calvin,13, designed his very own monster truck during his cancer treatments at St. Jude Hospital, titling the truck “emoji strong” to show how his cancer treatments were going with emojis. Monster Jam caught wind of what Calvin was doing and jumped on board, manufacturing toy trucks with his design to sell to raise money and awareness for other kids going through cancer treatments.

“It makes me feel awesome,” Calvin said next to his mother Tiffany and Monster Jam spokesman Bari Musawwir. “I started four years ago and these are the emojis I designed to show how I feel during cancer.”

The young man went on to explain that he included the love emoji, the funny emoji and the bandage emoji among others to describe his treatment process.

“How does it feel to know that [this truck] is going to be able to be purchased and a lot of that money is going to go to the kids at St. Jude?” Brian Kilmeade asked Calvin.

“It feels pretty good yeah, it feels pretty awesome.

His mother was then asked about Calvin’s battle with cancer, opening up on the “grueling” last 18 months.

“Calvin has gone through 18 months, well actually more than that because he relapsed, of grueling treatment,” Tiffany explained. “He’s always kept a happy face and he’s always jokeful. With all the doctors, all the nurses, he never has a sad face, everyone’s like ‘I’d never know you were sick because you’re always so happy’. So emojis are exactly his thing.”

Well the joy didn’t stop there as Steve Doocy teed up Musawwir to introduce the biggest surprise of the day: a real Monster Jam truck with Calvin’s artwork on it.

“Here at Monster Jam we like to do things big, you know on a grand scale. So Calvin hold onto your seat man because we got something else coming for you,” Musawwir said as the monster truck zoomed out of the tunnel.

“Look at that, Calvin it’s your little truck all grown up,” Kilmeade said as Calvin and his mom looked on in awe at his creation.

“That’s crazy, that’s just awesome,” Calvin said with a big smile.

“It’s huge,” Tiffany said as the trio walked over to the truck. “It’s so amazing to see his artwork on a big scale.”

What a feel good moment to kick off a random Thursday in May.

Watch the full video above via Fox News

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