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Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronted About Rising Anti-Semitism


Marjorie Taylor Greene was joined on the campaign trail by local CBS affiliate reporter Rick Folbaum this week who pushed the controversial representative on some of her past statements.

“Greene clearly enjoys a challenge and never misses a chance to burnish her image as a fighter as we learned when we asked her about a new report from the Anti-Defamation League documenting a 133% rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Georgia, including in Greene’s 14th District,” Folbaum says in his report.

He notes “we wanted to know if she was worried that some of her past statements, considered offensive by many Jewish people, could inadvertently be contributing to the problem.”

“No, I am not contributing. You’re lying about me,” Greene shot back when asked the question. “You don’t even know what my words were.”

“This was your post, under your name and you’re talking about the Rothschild family, which has been at the center of antisemitic conspiracies since the 19th century,” Folbaum then said to Greene, showing her some of her own words.

“I did not know that. I have no idea,” she responded, playing coy about the intent behind her post.
“That was what? 20-what,” she asked.

“2018,” he responded, noting in his report that she shrugged it off as it was a remark made before she entered politics.

“We don’t care,” one of Greene’s constituents told Folbaum when asked about her past comments.

Folbaum then reported that some people in Greene’s district do care, however.

“Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave to know there are people that claim to be Republican and are sympathizing with Vladimir Putin. It is despicable,” said one constituent who confronted Greene while on the campaign trail.

You have said disparaging things against the Jewish community, you suggested a space laser, you are disrespecting the United States Congress and you are a shame,” the man says to Greene in a clip.

Watch the full report above via CBS 46News

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